Deceased and Missing Members

                      Yale Divinity School – Class of 1961
Members in Remembrance

Lee W. Backman                                       C. Benton Kline, Jr.
Leonard S. Barry                                      Bruce W. Klunder
Millar Burrows (honorary)                         Robert R. Knappenberger
James O. Cansler                                      Alfred C. Krass
Walter H. Capps                                       John H. Lyons
Edward M. Checkland                               Gilbert E. Marsh
William D. Cobb III                                    Louis C. Marsh
Joyce Thaman Collins                                Robert A. Mayo
Paul L. Coulter                                           Neely D. McCarter
Wade H. Curran                                         Robert J. Pleasure
Carl L. Foiles                                              Pedro M. Raterta
Robert J. Goeser                                        David P. Robertson
Robert R. Hackler                                       Charles Trautmann
James F. Harris                                           Heinrich von Both
Howard L. Harrod                                       Philip E. Zanfagna, Jr.
Lawrence N. Jones                                      Paul W. Zeckhausen, Jr.

Many members of the class were married during their years in divinity school.  The spouses had key roles not only in the marriage, but also in responsible positions in the University and the wider community.  While we do not know the names of all who have died, we wish to remember these special persons as we offer thanks for the lives of those whom we cherish.

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Yale Divinity School Friends of Class of 1961
Administrators, Faculty Members, Staff Members

In Remembrance

Sydney E. Ahlstrom                                    Paul S. Minear
Roland H. Bainton                                      Raymond P. Morris
Robert L. Calhoun                                      B. Davie Napier
Aute L. Carr                                                John Oliver Nelson
Brevard S. Childs                                        H. Richard Niebuhr
William A. Christian                                     Liston Pope
J. Edward Dirks                                           Marvin H. Pope
James E. Dittes                                           Paul Schubert
Hans W. Frei                                               Helen B. Uhrich
Julian N. Hartt                                             Paul H. Vieth
Margaret S. Marston                                   Claude R. Welch
John C. McGovern                                        Raymond L. Wood
Randolph C. Miller

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Deceased members  – If you have remembrances or information on any in this list, please post to the “Deceased Members – Remembrances” page or obtain this website’s private email from one of the editors.

NAME Deceased date Job Title Degrees
Backman, Lee W.Rev. Leonard S. Barry 1/6/20049/6/2001 Chaplain, Lt. Colonel, USAFTechnical Services  ’61 S.T.M.’61 S.T.M.
Mr. Millar Burrows* 4/20/1980  ’25 Ph.D. ’61 Div.D.H.
Rev. James O. Cansler* 7/30/2003 Retired  ’61 S.T.M.
Professor Walter H. Capps* 10/28/1997 Congressional Representative  ’61 S.T.M. ’63 M.A. ’65 Ph.D.
William D. Cobb III, Ph.D.* 2/23/1987 Vice Pres.&Dean of Fac.  ’61 B.D. ’62 S.T.M.
Mr. Paul Lee Coulter* 11/27/2005 Retired General Attorney  ’61 Div
Chpln. Wade H. Curran, USN* 3/1/1983  ’61 M.Div.
Dr. Carl L. Foiles* 2/21/1998 Professor  ’61 Div
Mr. Robert J. Goeser* 6/12/2005 Ret Prof- Historical Theology  ’61 Ph.D. ’61 Div
Dr. Robert R. Hackler* 12/30/2010 Seminary Prof.  ’61 M.Div.
Mr. James Frederick Harris* 4/27/2011 Retired COB  ’61 M.Div.
Mr. Howard L. Harrod* 2/3/2003 Prof., Social Ethics/Rel.Stud.  ’61 S.T.M. ’63 M.A. ’65 Ph.D.
Lawrence N. Jones, Ph.D* 12/7/2009 Retired Dean, Divinity School  ’61 Ph.D. ’61 Div
Rev. C. Benton Kline, Jr.* 6/20/2011 Adjunct Professor  ’61 Ph.D. ’61 Div
Mr. Bruce W. Klunder* 4/7/1964  ’61 B.D.
Mr. Robert Knappenberger, Ph.D* 10/14/2001 Executive Director  ’61 B.D.
The Rev. Alfred C. Krass* 10/26/2010 Pastor  ’61 B.D.
Rev. John H. Lyons* 11/27/2004  ’61 M.Div.
Mr. Gilbert E. Marsh* 4/27/2011  ’61 B.D.
Mr. Louis C. Marsh 1/7/1963 Youth Worker City of New York Div.
Rev. Robert A. Mayo* 6/5/1990 Rector  ’61 M.Div.
Professor Neely D. McCarter* 5/10/2006 President Emeritus  ’60 M.A. ’61 Ph.D. ’61 Div
Mr. Robert J. Pleasure* 10/10/1998 Principle  ’61 Div
Rev. Pedro M. Raterta* 8/22/1989 Administrative Pastor, Bishop  ’61 S.T.M. ’63 M.A.
Rev. David P. Robertson* 1/12/1997 President  ’61 M.Div.
Rev. Charles Trautmann* 8/15/1981  ’61 B.D.
Mr. Heinrich von Both* 3/18/1995 Pastor  ’61 S.T.M.
Mr. Philip E. Zanfagna, Jr.* 9/24/2010 Ret. Deputy Asst. Commandant  ’61 M.Div.
The Rev. Paul W. Zeckhausen, Jr.* 2/25/2009 Senior Minister  ’61 S.T.M.

Class of ’61 Members with missing contact information

Here are the names of members of YDS Class of 1961 for whom we have no contact addresses or other information,  If you know how to reach them, please send information to the YDS Alumni Office c/o Gail Briggs <> and  Kira Gallick <>.

Mr. Edward M. Checkland  ’61 Div
Mr. William P. Curry  ’61 Div
Rev. William L. England, former campus minister at Boston University and last known address in Bangor, ME in 1980
 ’61 Div
Mrs. Young C. Kim  ’61 M.R.E.
Mrs. Faye P. Moon  ’61 Div
Professor Takaharu Ono  ’61 Div
Mr. Gene R. Preston  ’61 Div
Mrs. Mary H. Thompson  ’61 B.D.
Mr. James Vaughan, Jr.  ’61 Div

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