Call for reflections on “How my mind is changing”

Dear YDS ’61 classmates,

Even though we had our YDS ’61 Reunion in October, 2011, we bring you a continuing invitation to share with your classmates a sampling of your current passions, persuasions, worldview – and how you arrived (or are arriving) at this place in your thinking and convictions.

During the past 50 years, after an extraordinary education at YDS, we have lived in turbulent and galvanizing times: the Civil Rights, Women’s, Chicano, and LGBT movements; the Cold War and its demise; 9/11/2001 and the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan; the increase of US global power and military reach; the Arab Spring and the rise of China; creation of computers, the Internet, and vast technological innovations; globalization of industry, markets, culture, and art; and theological and demographic change in global Christianity. The list could go on. All of this and more has created the context in which we have expressed and sometimes changed our respective vocations.

In the tradition of many essays in Christian Century on “how my mind has changed,” we urge you to reflect on what you were thinking 50 years ago – and then where is your mind and heart now? How did you arrive at your present views? How are your convictions and foci still changing? You are invited to respond to these questions in a brief essay, a pithy few paragraphs, or personal statement, poem, or any other form you choose. Or . . .

An alternative would be to list a few books, authors, on-line sites, or personalities that have been significant in shaping your worldview during the past 50 years. How have these sources influenced you? You undoubtedly have encountered important resources some of us have missed. Share your riches with the rest of us.

Whatever and however you choose to write, please submit it electronically to the  website as soon as possible. You can post your thoughts and remembrances for your classmates to read – or perhaps only add a brief blog response or comment to what one of your classmates has posted.

To post your reflections, send them directly to one of us editors as email text, attaching photos or scanned documents.

On Monday evening of our October 2011 reunion, some of these statements were used to facilitate a lively discussion among us. This was a memorable part of our 50th anniversary gathering.

We continue our request for your help with compiling for the blogsite any obituaries or descriptions of the life and work of any members of the Class of 1961 who are deceased and finding out if you know where are some of those whose addresses are lost.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Even if you could not join us in New Haven last October, we still would like to hear from you and have your reflections.


Fred, Chuck, Phil, & Dave