Dear Friends and Classmates:

My eventual migration from YDS to the Yale Law School (together with Jack Danforth and Gary Weatherford) reflected my desire to replace service in teaching with public service. As with many of our generation, the 1960 presidential campaign inspired me to want to be engaged in government service. The idea of campaigning for office came much later. The tumultuous 60s and 70s–anti-Vietnam, civil rights, environmental engagement, gender equality, and much else–simply confirmed that choice and made it an interesting time, to say the least, in which to be active in the public arena. I carried with me from home, church, college, and YDS a deep Wesleyan commitment to social justice and that commitment dictated my political and economic beliefs and principles. In 2001 I completed a D.Phil. at Oxford in political theory.

Lee and I celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary and our two children, Andrea (born at Grace New Haven) and John, are leading highly productive lives here in Colorado. My education and friendships at YDS have been a central influence on my life.

Gary Hart