How our minds are changing …..

Yale Divinity School Campus and CrestThis website was created to prepare for the reunion of the YDS Class of 1961 in New Haven on October 10-12, 2011.  The site contains a call for reflections on “How my mind is changing or has changed.”  Even though the reunion is past history now, reflections and comments still can be posted to the site, including essays, poetry, photos, and other materials.

Other pages on this site list members of the class who are deceased or whose addresses are missing.  Another has information and remembrances on the lives and service of members of the class.

Posting your  reflection is simple and straightforward. To submit reflections, photos, or other materials, send your reflections directly to one of us as an MS Word document attached to your email message.  You can attach photos or scanned documents as well if you like.

On several pages, you can post comments and further reflections by using theLeave a Comment form at the bottom of the page.  (Your comment will not appear immediately since it must have our editors’ approval – to avoid spam missives.)